Company Overview

We believe Good Food is the most powerful force for change.

About Us

At Good Eggs, we’re helping families in the Bay Area and beyond eat well all week long. We’re revolutionizing how food is sourced, bought, and enjoyed so our customers can spend more time around the table, and less in the kitchen.

Our team is committed to making real, positive change. Because the better we work, the better the world we live in. Here, you’ll build relationships with local farmers and foodmakers, our community of customers, and our passionate team. And while you’re at it, you’ll help us reinvent our food system, for good.

At Good Eggs, we divide our org structure into two primary groups:

  1. Operations
    The heart and soul of our business. The Operations team makes our work possible. Teams in Operations include: Delivery, Inbound & Outbound, Fulfillment, Kitchen & Pack
  2. HQ
    The HQ team develops processes, apps, and tools that support the work of Operations. Teams in HQ include: Growth & Marketing, Finance, Data, Design, Engineering, IT, Marketing, & People

Good Eggs is composed of 6 main pillars, which include: Assortment, Finance, Growth, Operations, Technology (Engineering & Data), & People. All teams in Operations and HQ fall under one of these pillars.

Our Story

Good Eggs was founded in the summer of 2011 in San Francisco to reinvent the way people feed their families in today’s world. Today, led by CEO Bentley Hall, we serve most of the Bay Area and have over 5,000 items in our Marketplace, including meal kits, wine, beer, and spirits, and health and home products. We remain steadfast in our founding mission: the majority of our assortment is locally sourced, and every item we carry meets strict standards that we will never compromise.

Our Cultural Values

  • We’re Dreamers Who Do
    We’re dreamers who believe we can create a better food system and we’re hell-bent on doing just that. Is it easy? Nope. And it never will be. Ups and downs are inevitable. Errors happen. But with determination and ingenuity, we bounce back — smarter, stronger and better than ever.
  • We’re Laser Focused
    We aren’t busy for busy’s sake. We curate our efforts like we curate our offerings. It’s a conscious (and sometimes tough) choice to focus our ambitions so we can move faster and disrupt the status quo. We own the clear roles we each play and trust others to do the same.
  • We Make Radically Rational Bets
    We’re independent thinkers. We listen, but never blindly follow the so-called experts. Facts, data and human insight drive us. Sometimes, that means bucking the trend and making bold bets. We’re strong in our convictions, holding our course in the face of industry headwinds.
  • We Take the Lid Off
    We’re more sauté pan than pressure cooker. We cultivate an atmosphere of openness and support where people feel free to be their true selves, take risks and let creativity bubble up. When we add time and space for innovation, we find ourselves having fun, living well and doing the best work of our lives.
  • We’re No Bullshit
    Sure, we’re ambitious. But we don’t have time for egos, drama or politics. We’re lifelong learners who admit when things aren’t perfect and work together to make it better. We don’t complain, we solve. And we do it by being transparent, candid, authentic and humble.
  • We’re In This Together
    Piece by piece, goal by goal, year by year, we remember that Good Eggs serves all — our team, our producers, our customers, our community, our planet. We’re building it to last and we’re doing it together, each and every day. It’s how we reinvent our food system, for good.
Company Summary
Good Eggs
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