Company Overview

Setting the Tempo

Our mission at Tempo is to revolutionize low-volume electronics manufacturing to empower rapid innovation.

Who We Are and What We Do

We help customers explore and realize ideas with a new level of quality, speed and agility.
We believe human progress is only limited by the speed of the engineering cycle—every step from design to manufacturing adds friction to the creative process. That’s why we’re here to help engineers bring their ideas into the world with unmatched agility and precision.

Our team is dedicated to pushing the bounds of what’s possible. We believe slow, error-prone, opaque and unpredictable manufacturing should be a relic of the past. So we’re building the manufacturing system that puts speed, precision, transparency and reliability front and center.

From rockets to robots, autonomous cars to drones, many of the fastest-moving companies are already working with us to optimize for a new level of business advantage. And set a new tempo for progress.

Leadership Team at Tempo

Leading product companies partner with Tempo Automation to accelerate innovation. Tempo’s electronics manufacturing platform takes a fundamentally different approach to deliver quality, speed, and agility, together, unlike any other low-volume manufacturer. The platform’s all-digital process automation, data-driven intelligence, and connected smart factory create a breakthrough competitive advantage for customers—to deliver tomorrow’s products today.

Join Our Team

We’re building the manufacturing system of the future today, making it possible for engineers to explore and realize bigger ideas—faster than ever.

Why work with Tempo?
We help businesses optimize prototyping, deliver programs on target, and transform product development for a new level of business advantage.

Set a New Tempo for Progress
Join Forces with our Customers. Change What’s Possible.

We believe unimaginable breakthroughs for human progress are possible when we can explore ideas by cycling rapidly between conception and realization.

Whether we’re settling the frontiers of outer space, mapping genes for longer lives, shifting the world to clean energy, or prototyping the electronics that make it all possible, the drive toward innovation is an inherent part of our human nature.

That’s why Tempo is here—to take that drive to entirely new levels. By building a more intelligent and intuitive manufacturing system designed to meet the demands of innovation, we’re bringing speed, precision, and transparency where they’ve never been before.

Together with the engineers we serve, we can realize ever bigger and more complex ideas. And set a new tempo for progress.

Get curious. Stay curious.
Learn from and work with the best and brightest.


  • Solve hard problems, make an impact
    Lead the way in exploring complex problem sets and build solutions that matter

  • Hands-on with Problems
    Everyone at Tempo plays a big part in our product development process. By working here, you can solve diverse technical problems from CAD analysis to factory scheduling, to automating assembly robots – and together create the future of manufacturing.

  • Work with Impact
    Whatever industries you are passionate about, you can help engineers accelerate the pace of innovation in aerospace, energy, healthcare, transportation, education, and more.

  • Build with Modern Tools
    We work with some of the most advanced technologies—from state of-the-art robots to a modern software stack, deploying multiple times a day and using the same rapid iterations we enable for our customers.

At Tempo, you get to build on cutting-edge technologies to help our customers advance theirs—such as rockets, robots, drones or autonomous vehicles.


Think holistically.
We make decisions considering the broader context and inter-dependence of our team, company, and customers.

Own completely.
We lead ourselves, taking responsibility for our progress and setbacks as individuals, as teams, and as a company.

Communicate openly.
We always communicate openly, sharing our knowledge and ideas, and actively seeking out those of others.

Experiment rigorously.
We experiment rigorously to find better solutions and remain flexible in evaluating new ideas.

Deliver precisely.
We plan carefully and execute skillfully, delivering new levels of speed and precision in all that we do.

Improve continuously.
We carefully observe all results of our actions and rapidly adapt our processes to respond to feedback.

Company Summary
Tempo Automation
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(510) 828-8774
2460 Alameda Street
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