Company Overview
The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. For nearly 60 years, decisionmakers in the public and private sectors have turned to the RAND Corporation for objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the nation and the world. These challenges include such critical social and economic issues as education, poverty, crime, and the environment, as well as a range of national security issues. Today, RAND researchers and analysts continue to be on the cutting edge of their fields, working with decisionmakers in both the public and private sectors to find solutions to today's difficult, sensitive, and important problems. The high caliber of our researchers is well-known, as evidenced by the many Nobel Laureates who have been affiliated with the RAND, either as employees, consultants, or in an advisory capacity. Through our dedication to high-quality and objective research and analysis and with sophisticated analytical tools developed over many years, RAND engages clients to create knowledge, insight, information, options, and solutions that will be both effective and enduring.

Employment The RAND Corporation's reputation is built on quality and objectivity. RAND provides an exciting intellectual environment and opportunities for career growth. We hire highly qualified applicants and provide challenging assignments. Diversity is an essential operating principle at RAND. We look for unique backgrounds, original views and diversity in academic training, work experience and ideological outlook. We are committed to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. What's it like to work at RAND? RAND's unique intellectual environment nurtures objective analysis and innovative solutions to policy and decisionmaking issues, which span a broad range of substantive areas. This environment may uniquely suit your own professional goals and aspirations if you share our appreciation for the following:
  • Teamwork and collegiality. RAND is a community in which colleagues generously advise and assist one another, all in the interest of producing the best possible research and analysis. As we freely form interdisciplinary project teams, we gain exposure to a wide range of methods and applications, expand our opportunities to develop our own careers or mentor future leaders, and form rewarding professional relationships.
  • Creativity, innovation, and objectivity. Following in our established tradition of cutting-edge research, today's RAND values new ideas. Our findings are not dictated by our clients, our management, nor any partisan perspective; neither are our methods or approaches. Though we seek to improve policy and decisionmaking, we do so through formal analysis: the answers speak for themselves, often in path-breaking ways.
  • Prestige. We are proud to identify ourselves as members of the RAND community -- known for both the scholarly quality of our work and its role in influencing policy. Even as we pursue our individual careers and research agendas, we are mindful that we are part of an institution that is rightfully described as a "national resource."
  • Intellectual adventure and growth. At RAND, there is always another fascinating issue to investigate, an intriguing seminar to attend, a new technique to develop or acquire. Boredom is never a threat. The biggest professional hazard is spreading oneself too thin across so many attractive opportunities. Intellectual curiosity runs rampant through our community, accounting for our rich collegial environment where interaction nurtures the creation, exchange, and development of ideas.
  • Diversity. Creativity and intellectual growth thrive in an environment that welcomes differences in viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences. We are multidisciplinary, multicultural, multiracial, male and female, academic and applied, highly schooled and practically experienced. We come from all walks of life and from around the world -- and we use the knowledge we have acquired to enrich the content and meaning of our research.
  • Quality. Quality is fundamental. Quality is what makes RAND ... RAND.
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RAND Corporation
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