Build Quality Relationships By Working With Networking Organizations
While there are many ways to build quality relationships, it can be a challenge for some people to build them through networking. Try various ideas and be open to new suggestions.

By taking on a leadership role or committee responsibility with networking organizations, you will have an opportunity to meet other professionals and become part of a team with the same goal. The more involved you become, the more chance you have for building quality relationships.

Volunteer on a Board, Committee

Attending networking events is a great way to meet people and learn about the different organizations that produce these events. Take the time to learn about each group by talking with board or committee members.

Once you find a group that interests you, find out if the organization is looking for some more volunteers. Chances are that the group could use some more help because the nature of volunteer involvement means people come and go.

You may be able to join a committee of your choice right away. No matter how mundane the tasks are, start by helping the group with anything that is needed. You need to begin somewhere. Until you get to know the group and other board members, it’s usually at the bottom.

As you spend more time with the group and continue to do a good job, you will start to build trust with the other volunteers. As other opportunities open up, you may be asked to become involved.

Over time, you will be able to work your way up to a leadership position (such as a committee chairperson or even the president). Take these opportunities seriously because it shows that the organization and its board respect you.

By helping out on a regular basis, you will get to know the other board members quite well. As a result, you will develop some excellent professional relationships and even some friendships.

With networking, it’s always important to have people who can vouch for your hard work and determination. Treat these new relationships as an important component of your network. It never hurts to have business acquaintances outside your company and industry.

Meet Other Organizational Leaders

While involvement in an organization is an excellent way to build relationships with the group leaders, you will also have the opportunity to meet leaders of other networking organizations. Many groups combine efforts by cross-promoting events or organizing joint events.

When these activities take place, try to take an active role so you have a chance to work with the other group leaders. Just like you, these individuals are donating valuable time to their organization and they will respect you for your volunteerism.

These leaders are generally well connected, so after you have built relationships with them, you may have the opportunity to tap into their resources. Nurture these relationships because they could be some of the most valuable ones in your network.

Build Your Business Skills

In addition to developing quality relationships from volunteering with an organization, you will also be able to build some of your business skills. Some of these may not be used in your day job. By taking an active role, you will be able to develop your leadership skills. When the opportunity presents itself, try to run a committee or become part of the executive board.

In addition to developing leadership skills, you will also be able to develop your management skills. Each organization will have several volunteers with different commitment levels. By taking over a committee, you will be able to manage the efforts of others.

Another important skill that you will be able to work on is your project management skills. By taking on various roles within the organization, you will have to juggle projects and manage your time. This is in addition to your full-time job.

Because most volunteers are also advocates of the organization, you may be active in marketing the group to the public. If you aren’t a marketer by profession, this will be an excellent opportunity to learn the skill.

In addition, you may have the chance to work on your business development skills by partnering with other organizations and developing new ideas for the group. With this type of involvement, you will become more connected in the community and meet other group leaders.

A major benefit of developing your business skills with organizations is that they can be transferable to your profession. Your marketability will go up.

Final Thought

Because you need to be creative in finding ways to build quality relationships, get involved with networking organizations. You improve your network and develop and grow your business skills.